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Welcome to
Resetability with Carita!

"Change your thoughts and

change the trajectory of your life."

"Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind"
Romans 12:2

Hi, I'm Carita
and I'm so Glad You're Here!

I am an Author, Speaker and Life Coach.


My entire mission on this earth is to uplift, inspire and motivate others to pursue their goals and dreams.  On this journey called life I have discovered that there is liberation in thinking thoughts that are pure, honest, just and of a good report. I want the same for you!

Carita Montgomery

Author, Speaker, Life Coach

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It may sound silly, but you were a source of great comfort and inspiration to me.  I realized the last time I was truly happy was in hospitality, so I got a hold of the company I had previously been with and within a week they had put me on their task force and I was on my way to a Doubletree in Vancouver, WA. (where I am now for the next few weeks). Thank you for putting yourself out there as an inspiration. Just by being you, it made an impact on me.  This aha moment has not been lost on me.  I realized that living small and in the shadows isn't doing anyone any favors and by forging your own path; others can see their own way more clearly.   Thank you for living by example.  




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Carita has impacted my career in more ways than I can count. About 9 years ago I started my career as a Sales Coordinator. My goal was a Director of Sales and she was a true inspiration. Carita saw something in me and believed in me. She taught me everything I know. I've always admired her optimism, drive and determination to win. She taught me to speak up, to trust the process and to never give up. She was always there throughout my journey to help guide me and put things in proper perspective. She is a master at mentoring and and has a strong passion for helping individuals to grow. Carita has greatly contributed to my success as the Director of Sales I am today.


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I have had the awesome opportunity to work with Carita to execute a few training sessions in the hospitality industry. Carita is a master trainer with a wealth of expertise and knowledge. Whether it's 20 or 100 people, she confidently captures your attention, inspires and motivates everyone she encounters. You will remember her amazing energy long after you have met and you will be be transformed in a positive way through her guidance and mentorship. 



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